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Long before modern personality psychology, astrology developed an elegant model for the description of the human character. It explains both general types of personalities as well as the individual characteristics of people. The horoscope shows individual strengths and identifies opportunities for personal growth and development. In organizations group dynamics and networks, skills and work processes can be analyzed and optimized.

AstroPERSONNEL significantly increases efficiency and satisfaction of employees and teams. Our services range from personal AstroCONSULTING and development of teams and organizations to the realignment of corporate culture. In addition to astrological techniques, effective methods of modern management diagnostics are used.

Bringing people and business together is my mission.

Typical Questions

  • Conflict Management

    In one of our departments there are always conflicts. How can we improve the team spirit there?

  • Team Development

    We urgently need additional resources in our team. Which human factors are important for the search profile to optimally complement us?

  • Recruiting

    We have two top candidates for a position in the final selection. Which traits and topics should we monitor closely in the decision interviews with them?



    Personnel Expertises, Human Resource Development, Recruiting, Management Diagnostics

  • AstroCULTURE

    Organizational Development, Organizational Psychology, Corporate Culture


    Astrological Counseling, Career Coaching, Personal Future Planning

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Astrological Personality Traits

In this short video excerpt I show how character and personality traits can be delineated from the horoscope of Wikileaks figurehead Julian Assange.