Manager Astrology Coaching

For crucial periods of your work life I have developed special coaching programs. The critical factors of your success (e.g. SWOT personality profile, image positioning, location analysis, long-term planning, communication behavior etc.) are analyzed and discussed in detail. In the second step solutions are worked out to reach your targets.

Each of these programs consists of five sessions and takes place over a longer period of time (ca. 3 to 6 months). This long-term supervision guarantees a sustainable improvement of your situation and helps you to reach your targets. Interesting for you? Then contact me and I’ll be happy to give you additional information about it.

The following AstroCOACHING programs are available:

Coaching Job & Career

  • You would like to improve your job situation and set the next steps in your career?
  • You have problems with your boss or your colleagues?
  • You would like to take more advantage of your strengths and make better usage of your potential?

Coaching Freelance & One-Man Business

  • You’d like to get self-employed and start your own business?
  • Do you have the right business idea and is the time ripe for it?
  • How can you position yourself on the market in an optimal way? What are the major challenges you should be prepared for?

Leadership Coaching

  • How can you lead and motivate your staff in a better way? How can you select the right people for the tasks to be done?
  • How can you improve your internal and external communication?
  • How can you develop an effective, individual leadership style, that improves your profile and leads your department or company to success?

Coaching Job Search

  • You are unemployed or would like to change company?
  • In which business sectors, companies and positions can you improve your situation?
  • How can you improve your job application and your self-presentation to get attractive for the right companies?

Your Birth Data

Astrological Counseling is based on your exact birth data:

  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

In most countries you can request the exact time of your birth at the registry office of your birth place.

Coaching Programs

In this video excerpt I introduce some typical questions where astrology can support you in your professional career.