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Business Astrology Consulting

Entrepreneurs and managers are used to make decisions in situations of chronic uncertainty. The fields of business administration have developed an extensive arsenal of methods, models and theories. But in the end soft factors such as emotion, instinct or simply coincidence are often crucial for success.
Astrology as the oldest system theory of mankind provides invaluable additional information, especially when combined with the well-established techniques of management. My focus is astrological business consulting in the following areas:

In these four areas I offer consulting for companies as well as personal counseling and coaching programs for private people, especially for job and career, leadership and personality development, freelancers, start-ups and job hunters.

Lectures, Seminars and Study Program

If you’d like to learn more about the methods and techniques of business astrology, you might be interested in my lectures and seminars or my videos and articles about business astrology and mundane astrology.

In addition I offer the unique study program “Business Astrology”. Here you learn how to apply the ancient art of astrology to the fields of management. These seminars have been very successful and popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2018 also online courses in English language will be available.

For questions and additional information you’re always welcome to contact me.

Dr. Christof Niederwieser

Our services


• Corporate Strategy
• Mission Statement
• Vision & Mission
• Corporate Identity
• Trend and Market Analysis
• Start-up Consulting
• Event Analysis
• AstroGeography


• Brand Strategy
• Brand Development
• Brand Management
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Archetypes
• Image Analysis
• Corporate Design
• Marketing Concepts


• Personnel Expertises
• HR Development
• Recruiting
• Organizational Development
• Organizational Psychology
• Corporate Culture
• Career Coaching
• AstroConsulting


• AstroCoaching
• Team Workshops
• Negotiation Training
• Sales Training
• Leadership
• Corporate Communication
• Behavioral Psychology
• Intercultural Competence

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