Manager Astrology Consulting

For private customers I am offering various possibilities of astrological counseling, e.g. personality profiles, career coaching, start-up consulting, personal future planning, event analysis, contract analysis and any other business issues that are important for you.

price: 300€ (inkl. VAT)
duration: 60 minutes

The astrological counseling session includes

  • character profile and personality development
  • current life situation (review of the past two years and outlook on the forthcoming two years)
  • individual questions and special topics
  • audio and video recording (on demand)
  • time for preparation, charts, diagrams and calculations

The counseling sessions take place via the online meeting platforms Zoom or Skype, phone or in our office in Rottweil, Southern Germany. Of course full confidentiality is guaranteed.

After your personal counseling you have the possibility to follow up with one of the AstroCOACHING Programs or to request a quote for an astrological Business Consulting project.

Your Birth Data

Astrological Counseling is based on your exact birth data:

  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

In most countries you can request the exact time of your birth at the registry office of your birth place.

Personal Counseling

In this video excerpt I introduce some typical questions where astrology can support you in your professional career.