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Astrological Wisdom combined with the Tools of Modern Business Consulting

The Company Birth Data

  • Birth Data of the Founder

    This data is especially important if a company is strongly influenced by the founder or when it’s named after him/her. Exact birth data of persons is officially recorded since the mid-19th century in most parts of the world and can be requested at the registry office of the place of birth. In addition also the birth data of the current CEO can be used.

  • Foundation Date of the Company

    Typical foundation dates of a company:

    • first public appearance (opening ceremony, advertisement, media report,…)
    • first documentary evidence
    • first official entry
    • entry in the register of companies
    • time of the IPO (for limited companies)
  • Date of the Business Idea

    Sometimes the time of the first brainstorm of the business idea is known as a founding myth or in calendars and diaries of the founders.

  • Contracts

    Dates of contract drawings, which are important for the company.

  • Important Events in the Company History

    In addition, 5-10 important events from the company history are necessary to identify the dominant horoscope of the company and to verify it, e.g.

    • major management changes
    • market introduction of important products
    • phases of expansion or restructurings
    • major public successes
    • periods of crisis, scandals, lawsuits
    • etc.

Company Consulting

In this video excerpt I show some typical company projects and issues where astrology can provide substantial additional perspectives for your decisions.