Group Horoscope Book in Danish

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The Group Horoscope („Niederwieser Relationship Chart“) is an innovative approach to analyze whole groups such as teams, departments, families, political parties or even music bands.

Now my book has been published in Danish language in the renowned Copenhagen publishing house „Museum Astrologicum“, that also releases the famous magazine „Horoskopet“ and books of Danish astrologers and international classics such as Robert Hand, John Addey or Paul Choisnard.

A big thanks to Aase Kærgaard for the felicitous translation, Claus Houlberg for layout and organization, and Ann Booth Rosenqvist and Ellen Knudsen for proof reading!

Gruppehoroskopet – en nøgle til kollektivastrologi
Museum Astrologicum 2019
ISBN 978-87-93390-06-5

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Zukunftsverlag (Deutschland) AstrologiHuset (Dänemark)

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