Epoch Declinations in World History

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Why did World War II take place under very harmonious astrological constellations? Why do many techniques of conventional astrology fail to indicate major events in world history? Because only a few astrologers work with declination aspects, also called parallels. Declinations have been considered as major aspects by grand astrology masters such as Placidus, Alfred Witte, Frank Glahn or Reinhold Ebertin.

In the AstroMANAGEMENT system these constellations are considered as crucial patterns for long-term forecasting whenever they take place at their upper or lower maximum. In these rare cases the aspect doesn’t just last for a few weeks. It can last for a couple of years and shape the zeitgeist considerably. I call these mighty patterns „Epoch-Declinations“.

How Epoch-Declinations work and what they predict for our future, I explain in my new article for German print magazine MERIDIAN:

Epoch-Declinations in MERIDIAN

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