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Horoscope: 50 Years Music in Outer Space

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On 16th December 1965 a big milestone in the history of mankind took place. For the very first time a musical instrument has been performed in Outer Space.

Astronaut Walter Schirra had smuggled a Hohner Little Lady harmonica on board of the Gemini VI spaceship. This harmonica is so tiny that it passed all controls without being detected. One hour before returning back to Earth, Schirra reported a UFO, shaped like a satellite and shooting from the North Pole at a very high climbing ratio. Then he specified that this UFO was Santa Claus and played the song “Jingle Bells” on his harmonica.

Peculiar Data: Exact Birth Time – Inaccurate Place

Calculating a horoscope for this event turns out a peculiar mission. Normally a precise place of an event is available, but not an exact time. In case of the first musical performance in Outer Space the situation is the other way around.

In the 128 page NASA protocol „Gemini VI Voice Communications, MAC CONTROL No. C-115269“ all events are precisely registered for every second. Walter Schirra began to play 23h58m03s after Lift-Off, which is exactly at 13h35m23s UT (Universal Time). Instead the place is much more difficult to identify, like in most events in the history of Space Aviation. The Gemini 6 capsule flew through its orbit at 26.000 km/h, which is 480 kilometers per minute.

One minute before the event the protocol names “Texas” as the current place. So Gemini 6 has been located in an ambit of 200 kilometers around San Antonio TX. For this location the following chart is calculated.

The Horoscope of „Music in Outer Space“

The event is reflected well in the horoscope. Ascendant and Sun are located in Sagittarius, right at the Galactic Center. Also the Sun-Uranus conjunction of the first motor flight of the Wright brothers took place there. At the Galactic Center supernatural visions become reality, step into this world the very first time.

The Sagittarius ascendant is prominently occupied by a Sun-Jupiter opposition and indicates the jovial, euphoric, frolic atmosphere on board. “Hou-Hou-Hou” – with a giant paunch, red clothes and red nose this constellation symbolizes Santa Claus par excellence.

The content of this event can be identified by looking at midheaven. The MC is located in Libra, occupied by the Moon. The moon is the celestial body of music, moods, the waggish and spontaneous. In Libra it results in a musical art performance. Venus, the ruler of Libra, transports this event into the second house: a hail-fellow-well-met joke within the herd. Aquarius shapes the sound: harsh, shrill, nasal and a bit annoying.

Mercury in Sagittarius is the harmonica, a small, versatile, flexible instrument for wanderers. The exact conjunction with the descending lunar node shows its origin in the folkloristic past of traditions. Mercury lures from the cusp of the 12th house, it surprisingly steps from the hidden into the visible.

Finally, the collective embossing of this event is largely influenced by the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, like all the great pioneer events of the 1960ies. It’s a new beginning of the cycle of revolutions, innovation and technology. Until the maximum expansion of this cycle in the mid 2040ies first musical bands can be expected in the space colonies.

Mundane Significance of this Horoscope

This horoscope of the first harmonica performance in Outer Space may not seem relevant for us today. But for future centuries, when space colonies will be a common part of everyday life, this moment will be the root horoscope of music and artistic expression in Outer Space.

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