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Horoscope of the Apple iPhone

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Nine years ago, on 09th January 2007 at 09h44 PST, Steve Jobs presented the Apple iPhone at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. The innovative navigation via touch screen revolutionized modern information technology. Finally pocket size computers became a mass market and made it possible to comfortably use the internet wherever you are.

The iPhone and the Astro-Kondratiev-Cycle

The Apple iPhone marks the climax and turning point of the information technology cycle within the Astro-Kondratiev model. This fundamental innovation cycle ranges over 50 to 80 years and indicates the great technological revolutions of mankind. This cycle is based on collective paradigm shifts, caused by the emergence of new technologies that revolutionize both the economy and society at large, like the steam engine, railway and steel or electricity. The current cycle is based on information technology. It started in the 1960ies with the breakthrough of the first personal computers and the invention of the microchip.

The Astro-Kondratiev-Cycle

The iPhone revolutionized our ways of communication and information. For the very first time it became a trend to have the internet always with you and to be „always online“. The internet turns into the evernet. So the iPhone forms a crucial bridge technology from the current IT cycle to the forthcoming Astro-Kondratiev of Virtual Reality, that will start in the 2040ies.

Radical Innovation

The horoscope of the iPhone shows a crowded fourth quadrant (the upper left section of the circle). Here the future is incubated (12th house), novelly brought into the present as fresh innovation (11th house) and finally established as the new collective standard (10th house).

The Jupiter-Uranus square dominates close to midhaven. This constellation is typical for grand inventions and pioneering technological breakthroughs.

Mars-Pluto in 10th house Sagittarius indicates the huge collective fanatism of the iPhone community, the nearly religious admiration of their Techno-Messiah. Mars-Pluto always forces to choose your path, to totally decide for an embracing thinking model (or operation system). It creates enormous customer loyalty and gives the feeling to belong to an exclusive, adamant community.

This constellation takes place exactly at the Galactic Center (27° Sagittarius). As already described in my article „Horoscope: 50 Years Music in Outer Space“ the Galactic Center is the zodiac place, where supernatural visions become reality, step into this world the very first time.

The iPhone in the History of the Telephone

Also the zodiac degree of the moon at 29° Virgo is a prominent place. Most of the grand milestones in the history of telephony trigger this degree. 29° Virgo means: the thoughts and voices of your counterpart are already here, but not the body. The other person is not seen yet (Libra), but perceived acoustically (Virgo).

The Horoscope of Steve Jobs

The company history of Apple is closely connected to the horoscope of founder Steve Jobs. His progressive ascendant reached 3° Scorpio at the first presentation of the iPhone. Here the Uranus of the World Horoscope (Neptune-Pluto eclipse on 26th April 1892, 21h55 UT) is located, embossing the fields of Innovation & Technology in the era of the years 1892 – 2385. The father of the iPhone released his Opus Magnum with progressive Venus touching his descendant, a felicitous market introduction, the big stage presentation of his life.

Photo „Steve Jobs shows off the iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference”, copyright by Matthew Yohe, Creative Commons Licence 3.0

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